Personalized laser engraving Guns and Firearms

ABC Laser Engraving is your single source for personalized laser engraving guns and firearms. We personalized laser engraving guns, NFA trust and owner information per the laws pertaining to firearms that under the National Firearms Act (NFA). Here is the ATF NFA Guide and Marking Requirements. Although, we are NOT licensed by the ATF as an FFL Type 7 and SOT, we’re capable personalized laser engraving guns, handguns, long guns, Tactical, Rifle, suppressors, rails & accessories, stocks, lowers, uppers or barrels with logo, custom graphics and serial number on barrel or frame or receiver of the weapon. Yes, we can laser engrave all AR-15, M16, M4 Carbine, MPX, SBR (Short Barrel Rifles, SBS (Short Barrel Shotguns, Silencers, Pistols, Revolvers and NFA/Class III weapon.


Thing To Do Before Heading to our Shop:

Gun or Firearm Locked

If Possible Disassemble and Take Only Part That Needs Engraving

Waiting Time – All Gun and Firearm Service is Done On The Same Day

Do I have to engrave my NFA firearm?

First, and most importantly, YES, you have to engrave your Form 1 NFA item to be in proper compliance with the law. Some well established “sources of information” have erroneously reported that engraving is optional unless you plan to later sell your NFA firearm. Let’s repeat it: Every NFA item you make needs to be properly engraved.

2) What needs to be engraved on my NFA firearm?

Name of the individual or entity that made/registered the NFA firearm.

Location (City and State) where the NFA item was made.

Caliber of the registered NFA firearm.

Serial Number of the registered NFA firearm.

Model Number of the registered NFA firearm.*

* See below 

EXAMPLE 1: A current firearm to be registered as an NFA firearm:

Let’s say you have just received your approved BATFE Form 1 to register your Colt 6920 as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) and it is time to mark your firearm.

Here are the current manufacturer markings (already on the gun and what you used to fill out the information on the Form 1):



CAL: 5.56MM

SN: 0000001


What now needs to be engraved by you, as the maker, to be in compliance with the NFA laws:




If the item is registered to an entity.