Military Laser Marking Service

Military equipment and tools are very expensive and have a clean clear labeling systems is very important. ABC Laser Engraving offer miliatry laser marking service and laser engraving service for parts, tools, equipment and components with Text, Graphics, UID, MIL-STD-130, DoD UID Compliance, 1D barcode, 2D Data Matrix, QR Code, Serialization, Lot and Date Coding, Regulatory Marking and Name Plates.


Laser Marking and engraving is used to add graphics and text to parts and components included in military equipment, firearms, knives, military vehicles and helicopters. Because military equipment must sustain and endure under harsh conditions which makes Laser Engraving the preferred method to apply permanent marking to parts. Military parts and equipment that are easily movable are good candidates for Direct Part Marking. This is exactly as it sounds, marking the information, UID code or logo directly to the part.  Since labels can come off under tough conditions, direct part marking eliminates the risk of a damaged label and unreadable information and UID codes. 

Though not all military equipment needs deep engraving so we offer variety that is suitable for specific situation and per your specifications. Our laser engraving systems is capable of the the following: Laser Engraving, Laser Marking, Laser Annealing and Etching/Ablating.