Military equipment laser marking and engraving

military laser marking service
Military equipment laser marking and engraving require a set of standards know as MILSTD-130. Military Standard 130 (MIL-STD-130) contains a detailed set of requirements and specifications for identification marking of U.S. military property. As per the MIL-STD-130N w/ Change 1 Foreword, the DoD “continues to provide evolving clarification, increased insight, guidance, and marking criteria regarding implementation of machine-readable information (MRI) for identification marking of U.S. military property and automatic data capture. Because the UID Labels must withstand extreme environments and last for the useful life of the asset, it is important to choose a company with durable label solutions for UID compliance. With laser engraving or marking is the preferred method because it offers permanent and last lifetime of the applications. ABC Laser Engraving offers full service for military laser marking and engraving that can add graphics, UID, and text to parts and components included in military equipment, firearms, knives, military vehicles and helicopters. The applications vary greatly from basic UID Plates used on thermal imaging cameras to instructional information on compartment doors inside helicopters. Contact us for more details
laser marking military equipment