Industrial Laser Engraving Services

industrial laser engraving services

Custom Industrial Laser Engraving Service

ABC Laser Engraving is a dedicated custom industrial laser engraving shop, providing a long term support for industrial laser engraving service needs. We are diligent, reliable, trusted, experienced, and skillful. We perform all your industrial laser engraving needs in-house. When you invest in us, we’ll help elevated your workloads so you can focus on your business profitability. Our in-house equipment is capable of laser engraving various shapes, sizes, materials, applications, and quantities. Staff members have an in-depth laser engraving knowledge. We all have years of laser engraving manufacturing experience prior to opening our own shop. 

At ABC Laser Engraving, we provide custom industrial laser engraving services to your specifications. Our laser engraving systems can engrave logos, data matrix, bar codes, graphic, etc. We are capable of engraving stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, cobalt, aluminum, tungsten, and anodized aluminum. Whether you have a single item or a large batch of parts; we offer a cost effective and flexible solution. We have done many custom industrial laser engraving services for a small and large companies. From a custom laser engraving a prototype to full production service; a single piece to 10,000 and more. No, we do not require a contract or minimum. Yes, we can laser engraved industrial parts, components and equipment that is flat, cylindrical, curved surface, and inside tubes.

The most commons industrial applications we have laser engraved, but are not limited:

  • Nameplates, ID Tags, Machined Parts, Hand Tools, Valves, Automation Components, Brackets, Dials, Control Panels, Instrument Panels, and Gears.
  • Data Matrix, QRC Codes, UDI Barcodes, UMI Barcodes, Bar Codes, Lot Numbers, Warning Label, Directional Markers, and Identifications.
  • lat, Cylindrical, Irregular, Rough, Painted, Rusted, Shinny, Machined Surface, Powder Coated, Anodized, and Raw.
  • Laser Annealing, Etching, Ablation, Marking, and Engraving. 
  • Laser engraving depth for traceability.

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Part Marking

Part identification is a common concern across numerous industries. Having traceable parts back to the source provides branding of your products to future customers and facility investigations.


Industrial laser marking introduces branding to your products as well as facilitates quality control within your facility. Common marks for industrial laser marking include logos and graphics, bar and lot codes, part numbers and other traceable information.

Our specialties are:

  • Laser Marking Plastic and Composit Applications
  • Laser Engraving Metal and Steel Materials
  • Prototype Parts
  • Product Development Parts
  • Early, Short-run Production
  • Small Volume Production Runs
  • Custom Products
  • New Product Testing

You Next Laser Engraving with following:

  • Images
  • Text, Number, or Alphanumeric
  • Identification, Lot Number, and Traceability
  • 1D barcode, 2D Data matrix, QR Code, UID barcode, or UMI barcode
  • Serialization marking and a variety of automatic ID

Advantages of Laser Engraving Services:

  • Computerized customized artwork will be engraved directly onto a part
  • Extremely hold tight tolerances on marking location and depth
  • Fast marking cycle time for high volume jobs
  • Consistent repeatability of mark from part to part
  • Precision and Permanent Marked
Laser Annealing is a surface heat-tempering mark. The heat effect of the laser beam causes an oxidation process underneath the material’s surface, resulting in a color change on the metal surface.  The contrast is depending on the focal point and heat setting. With the proper technique and skill sets a dark contrast is achieved. The marked permanent and ideal for aerospace and medical devices applications where material removal is prohibited to ensure part integrity and performance.

Laser Engraving Types

deep engraving service

Deep Laser Engraving Service

Deep laser engraving service for traceability – Engrave flat, cylindrical, irregular, rough, painted, rusted, shinny, machined surface, powder coated, anodized, and raw metals. More Details

engraving service

Laser Engraving Service

Laser engraving is no different than laser etching. Both terms are used interchangeably and most people are referring to as finger-nail feeling to the material from the primary source. More Details

laser marking

Laser Marking Service

Laser Marking is when the laser beam interacts with the surface of a material and slight altering its properties, which creates high-contrast marks with little disrupting the surface intact. More Details

laser annealing

Laser Annealing Service

This is an ideal for Medical device applications and Aerospace Steel that’s stainless steel and titanium parts; where material removal is prohibited to ensure part integrity and performance. More Details

laser etching laser ablating

Laser Etching/Ablating Services

Laser Etching/Ablating – both terms are used interchangeable with the different of type of material being laser etching or laser ablating. Most people are referring to as removing the material from the primary source. More Details

laser cutting

Laser Cutting Service

Our laser cutting machine has a spot of ~50 micron, which mean it can yield a precision cut for custom cutting specialty products. Such as Silicon Wafers, Solar Panels  More Details

Laser Engraved Samples