Direct Parts Laser Engraving

Direct Panels Laser Marking – ABC Laser Engraving offers permanent laser marks that is long lasting without using chemical. Direct parts laser engraving or marking is quick and accurate. Because set up is quick, marking is fast, permanent and repeatable results, it’s ideal for commercial and industrial manufacturers. Direct parts laser marking mean no additive the process is done directly on the application using a laser beam that changes the pigment on the substrate, so that the marked is are seen clearly and repeatable results.

ABC Laser Engraving have experienced, skills set and expertise with laser engraving systems. We use the best of today cutting-edge laser direct part marking systems.  This system provides high yield clean permanent marked and improves traceability. We have done many custom direct laser marking industrial components and tags for a small and large companies. From a custom laser marking a prototype to full production service. And, a single piece to 10,000 and more.

From a Prototype, Short-run and Testing services, we offer direct part laser engraving services to a wide range of industries.  No, we do not require a contract or minimum. Yes, we can laser marking industrial components & tags that is flat, cylindrical, curved surface, and inside tubes.

Our area industries key focus:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Identification
  • Medical or Healthcare
  • Jewelry
  • Military
  • Manufacturing

Our laser engraving and marking service focus

  • Bar Coding
  • Serialization
  • Product Identification
  • Logos
  • Brand Names
  • Name Plates
  • Lot and Date Coding
  • Labels

The most common Laser Marking Industrial Components & Tags materials

·   Stainless Steel ·   Titanium
·   Steel ·    Aluminum
·   Copper ·   Aluminum  Anodized
·   Cobalt ·   Brass
·   Black Delrin ·   Powder Coated
·   ABS Plastic ·   Polycarbonate
·   Polypropylene ·   Military Grade Steel
·  Medical Grade Steel ·    Aerospace Grade Aluminum

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